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Thursday, December 18, 2008

LeCrea to the Bud Light Christian

Okay you over 40 crowd, this blog is about the music being written by Christians in the category of Hip Hop. Confession #1, I like it! Scream all you like. Yes, you can ask why. It is simple and here is why.
Step back more than a two years ago when I first began doing street witnessing. You know, the type of witnessing that our Lord did at least 80% of the time during His ministry here on earth before we murdered Him on the cross. As I began street witnessing, Christ initiated a transformation in my thoughts and actions to have a NO COMPROMISE type of worship. Everything that I did needed to be done as though it was done for Him. That is what worship is! It is confessing Him to be the Lord of everything, at all times, and in all places. He is the Lord of my life and He should be the Lord of your life as well.
When you get to the point where you are able to talk about Christ to anyone, at anytime, and anywhere, its at that time your chains fall off. What chains, you may ask? The chains are those that prohibit and cause Christians to squash the living word of God by not proclaiming Him to sinners at will. I was a pew Christian, a games Christian, a football Christian, Sunday School Christian, a Christian seminar Christian, but not an open your mouth and proclaim the Gospel Christian. Because Christ is alive in me, I am able and obligated to proclaim to all people at will that Jesus Christ can live in them too!
This is the reason why Christ came to earth! He came to proclaim Himself!! Since He is not present bodily now, all Christians have been given a command to continue the work He started; to proclaim Jesus Christ as Sovereign, Lord and Savior to repentant sinners.
If you are a Christian, or you claim to be a Christian to others, then you should be living as though nothing else matters except the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed to those that have a pulse.
Proclaim the Gospel if you proclaim yourself to be a Christian. Do not proclaim yourself to be a Christian if you do not proclaim the very Person that is suppose to live within you. Are you in Christ? If not, you are in sin. If you are in sin, then Christ is not in you, and you do not have a reason to proclaim Christ. Do you understand what I mean? Christ should be closer to you than your wife (and I bet you tell others about your wife). You should be even more vocal in regards to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The chains of fear about speaking to man about God is what has fallen off, and so has every other excuse not to witness. Worshipping God in the true sense is leaving the bird's nest of the church walls to be free in God to demonstrate the sin every person has within themselves. If you have a mouth, God has given you the ability to proclaim His word to anyone. Do it man! Cut the chains yourself, free yourself in Christ. Proclaim Him as Lord to the city where you live. This is the only way you can be transformed. You may be looked at as a fanatic. If that is the case, I say praise God!!
Back to what I was saying regarding hip hop.
Maybe I needed to get used to the sound of hip hop, or the looks of the men singing it. True. But what they are proclaiming in their songs fits right into street witnessing. It is the Gospel! For instance, the songs "Go Hard or Go Home," and "Don't Want to Waste My Life," have incredible lyrics. Feast your eyes on this meat: "We are created for Him/ outta the dust he made us for Him/ Elects us and He saves us for Him/ Jesus comes and raises for Him/ Magnify the Father why bother with something lesser/ He made us so we could bless Him and to the world we confess Him/ resurrects Him/ so I know I got life/ matter fact better man I know I got Christ/ if you don't' see His ways in my days and nights/ you can hit my brakes you can stop my lights/ man I lost my rights/ I lost my life/ forget the money cars and toss that ice/ the cost is Christ"
And: "Livin' n driven/ given a vision/ fullfillin the commission He handed us London to Los Angeles And: "I gotta back pack full a tracts plus I keep a Johnny Mac" So are you ready to jam with us/So let's go, gimme the word an let's go/Persecution let's go/Tribulation let's go/Across the nation let's go/ Procrastination bes go Hung on the cross in the cold/Died for da young and the old/Can't say you never know/Heaven knows how many souls are going to hell or to heaven"
"Your money your singleness marriage talent and time/ they were loaned to you to show the world that Christ is Divine"
/ If He's truly raised to life/ then this news should change your life/ and by His grace you can put your faith in place that rules your days and nights.
These words are hard to come by in the so called Christian genre music and that of KLTY the safe station. We are not called to be safe, we are called for battle--we are to be soldiers of Christ!
Remember Christian, Christ does not save us so we can talk about the weather, football, soccer, new boat, fishing, Texas Rangers, or other temporal things. He saved us to talk to men about Him. Command them to come and tell them what will happen if they do not. Do not apologize and do not agonize (ooh I'm rappin). God's word is eternal! Christ should have a hold on you, not man!
These are some of the reasons why I like some of these Hip Hop songs. Oh, did I mention that the men who write these words live what they sing "brah"?

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