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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lower Greenville Texas again

Friday night we went out to Lower Greenville on the strip of Greenville Blvd. I've written about this place on a prior blog. This place starts it's night life at 10pm. Any earlier than that it looks like a ghost street.

Because of the Labor Day weekend this place was jumping. Jason, Jeff, myself and a newbie named Bill from Rockwall were there Friday night. We split up, Jason and Jeff, Bill and I to go to each side of the street. It wasn't long until we met up again because it was too early, about 9:30. We decided to go get a drink and have some pizza. By the time we finished, the street transformed into a party gathering.

I talked to a few people before they were became tipsy. Jeff had a long one on one that he thought didn't have any fruit. At least the man heard the Gospel. Jason had a few one2ones without much fruit.

The way I see what I think is a dry night (few one2ones) is that people go to get drunk and carouse, but they end up hearing the Gospel!!! In churches today, people gather to hear the Gospel and no Gospel is preached.!!!

My thinking goes like this, take the Gospel where it isn't expected to be heard and leave the story telling to the post modern preacher.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dallas West End With My Wife

Last night I went to the famous Dallas West End in Dallas Texas. This is a place set off to be rustic old style western with a charm of it's own. The charm is a little bit like the Stock Yards in Fort Worth, ( Last night was special, my wife was with me. She knew I was going by myself to do something I had never done before here in the states. I'll get back to that later though. The picture you see below is my wife standing on the street of Dallas West End proper in my opinion.

Here is my wife Carla standing in front of one of many restaurants within a two block area. Many people party, have dinner and stay for vacations. Needless to say there are many sinners here too. The picture is taken facing the west. East of this are some bus and train stations where gangs, poor people, drunks, and tourists wait for their rides. That's where I end up passing out tracts.
The area where the busses stop is big. A lot of people sit there for hours passing the time while others wait for their bus of choice.
Back to what I was getting at earlier. My wife came out to support me in my first try at open air preaching on US soil. This is a blog for my own memory to allow me to go back to check this date reference that says, one open air on Saturday night, August 23rd 2008. Yes something minor for most people to speak in front of crowds or a small audience, but humungous for me. Just ask my wife. Yes the polls say that people would rather die than speak in public.
I don't want this to take precedence over what really happened last night. Last night the Gospel was preached and people were listening. Christ said that's how people are saved. By my obedience to do this mnor thing, people heard the Gospel. Praise God for His confounding ways in which He prefers to save sinners from the wrath of Himself! The preaching or proclamation of His word to sinners. Incredible.
Also last night allowed me to show my wife what I do on most of my weekends away from her. She saw first hand that witnessing is not arguing, straining to get your wisdom out to people or grudging through hordes of people in hopes to get the Word into strangers hands. She saw the easiness of talking to strangers about the Lord and His plan of salvation to sinners.
Christ could easily allow a way that all men would bow the knee willingly. He doesn't. He chose the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Thank God He counts me as foolish.
Their is nothing else worth doing in this world like proclaiming the Gospel of God.

Deu 32:3
"For I proclaim the name of the LORD; Ascribe greatness to our God!

Luk 9:60
But He said to him, "Allow the dead to bury their own dead; but as for you, go and proclaim everywhere the kingdom of God."

Monday, August 18, 2008

North TX State Fair & Rodeo

This weekend I was at the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo. ( Another fair with lots of food, drink, cowboys and cowgirls. Just a little different than the others around Texas.

Friday night, I hooked up with Jon Speed, and Ben Moore. Again, here at the fair I met Ben who I've never seen before and we became friends instantly. I love fellowship in Chirst Jesus our Lord. I met Art DeLeon who came to relieve us from our shift. Art is another brother in Christ who I just met. How marvelous our Lord is to us.

Prior to leaving I had a great conversation with Elisa and Billy. She claimed to go to a church with her sister but never could explain the Gospel, not even close. Needless to say, both were living in sin. Not married and not concerned, Until I went through the Law of God, the 10 commandments. Elisa seemed to be at least a little nervous when I asked if she ever committed adultery. It was an obvious yes. We parted ways after a while and I gave her a Bible, split at 1 John with the tracts I gave her.

The next day was uneventful until I met up with two confessed atheists, praise God atheists are sinners too. We talked for about 20 minutes with a little help from Tim Crawford. In the end I wanted to reiterate that coming to Christ has no benefit in the sense that money, fame, a good job or anything else like that. I told both of them that God does not have a wonderful plan for their lives. That if the Holy Spirit were convicting them of their sin right now and they happened to repent, their lives could end as Paul, Stephen, or Peter. God is interested in ridding them of their sin once they repent of it and once they turn from sin and turn to Christ Alone. I told them that it was transgression against the Holy Law of God that separates them from God and His eternal reward of life in Heaven.
Here is the famous Brad Snow (the snowman). This is the man who is the web master for Way of the Master ( WOTM is where we learned the method of evangelism we all use. It's also where we all were first pricked in our conscience by not sharing our faith, our Lord and His message of the Good News.
Anyway, you see Brad explaining the Gospel to these girls and they understand. Hey folks, the Gospel is meant to be an easy to understand message. So much so that little kids understand it better than a lot of adults! So if you are shy about telling others about the Gospel, you might consider practicing on kids.

Mat 18:2
And He called a child to Himself and set him before them,
Mat 18:4
"Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
Mat 18:5
"And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me;

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Weekend @ the OzzFest

This Saturday evening would have been quiet and comfortable during the Cowbows pre pre pre game if it weren't for OzzFest 2008. Upon arrival at the Pizza Hut Park in Frisco Texas it looked like a bust for us. The Ozzie fans had already packed into the concert with a few stragglers making there way out and in. The out people had enough the for the day and headed home. The in people went to see Ozzy Ozbourne.

By the time we arrived at the entrance the music started up. Thunderous bass and lead guitar rifts with banging drums in the background blended harmoniously to the excellent lyrical songs of Ozzy. Below is the CD jacket Ozzy and this is what I mean by harmonious lyrics from a song called Ultimate Sin:

"Anyway I look at it now The doors are closed and cannot be opened Bury your anger and bury your deadOr you'll be left with nothing and no oneThere's no point in screaming'Cos you won't be heardNow the tables have turnedIt was the ultimate sinIt was the ultimate sinIt was the ultimate sinIt was the ultimate sinI warned you then and I'm warning you nowIf you mess with me you're playing with fireWinds of change that are fanning the flames Will carry you to your funeral pyre It's pulling you downIt's your final descentIt's too late to repent When it's the ultimate sin When it's the ultimate sin When it's the ultimate sin When it's the ultimate sin"

I hope you know by now this music is harmonious, catchy, well organized and whatever else you may want to add to it. Im sure you don't agree, not a problem. Just don't bury your head in the sand. The musicians are clever and talented. The author makes hundreds of millions from past music and new music.

Please don't pass this off as a fad, it has staying power and draws thousands of people into it's grip. This music has a grip on it's listeners and the listener will not let go. Why? This is sin manifested through lyrics by a sinner who needs Christ as his Saviour. Since this is a manifestation of sin, the sinner will be drawn to it like a moth to a bug zapper.

Ok, enough rambling. All this to say, I talked to a lot of professed "christians" (little c) out there. The lyrics I posted here are considered normal within this man's philosohpy. He and his thoughts are anti Christian. He is an anti-Christ. What he sings, does, says, acts like, and backs up is everything opposite Christ. Ozzy doesn't try to hide it or mislead you, he invites you to his world of demons, satan, music. He gets in your "kitchen." That's the good part. We can see him for what he is. The bad part is these false converts out at the concert professing to be Christians will one day say: Lord Lord... didn't we...? and Christ will say depart from me, I never knew you. Tragic words.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we can't sit by with the mindset that says: oh, I think I will have a nice quiet peacful night and sit back and watch the Dallas Cowboys play tonight. As Christians, our Captain requires us to have part in saving drowning people. We need to obey His commands or we should get off the ship and sail another way.

Some pics from this weekend:

This is Jason talking to a couple Ozzy fans. Notice the shirt the kid has on. What are his parents like, maybe like Ozzy?

This is Jeff, still a newby at witnessing. Do you think this is drudgery to him. Do you think he's arguing or raising his voice? No, No, No. He is having a great conversation about Christ and sin and hell and the Cross and Salvation. Jeff is a changed man. A man of God.

Here is another Jeff, another changed man. This might be Jeff's second, or third time out witnessing. Notice anything about who he is talking. A father with his son next to him trying to peak in at the Ozzy concert. Think of the lyrics this man is exposing his son. Like father like son.
Jeff is on the fast track. There is no going back for Jeff to the comforts of "oh, my pastor will do it" mentallity. Jeff had many conversations Saturday night.
Jeff attends church at Mt Gilead Baptist Church in Keller Texas.

Friday, August 8, 2008

From WOTM website

Charles Spurgeon's great, great, great grandson.The guy on the right, who looks like Charles Spurgeon, is actually our buddy Bart. The guy to the left of the guy who looks like Spurgeon is Rob Holm, who is the great, great, great grandson of Charles Spurgeon. Rob travels to fairs around the country to witness to people. Incidentally, Rob got saved after listening to Ray preach Hell's Best Kept Secret...which was inspired partially by, you guessed it, Charles Spurgeon.

From Spurgeon Gold

Judas was a Preacher Judas was a preacher; nay, he was a foremost preacher, “he obtained part of this ministry,” said the Apostle Peter. He was not simply one of the seventy; he had been selected by the Lord himself as one of the twelve, an honorable member of the college of the apostles. Doubtless he had preached the gospel so that many had been gladdened by his voice, and miraculous powers had been vouchsafed to him, so that at his word the sick had been healed, deaf ears had been opened; and the blind had been made to see; nay, there is no doubt that he who could not keep the devil out of himself, had cast devils out of others. Yet how are you fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! He that was as a prophet in the midst of the people, and spake with the tongue of the learned, whose word and wonders proved that he had been with Jesus and had learned of him — he betrays his Master. Understand, my brethren, that no gifts can ensure grace, and that no position of honor or usefulness in the Church will necessarily prove our being true to our Lord and Master. Doubtless there are bishops in Hell, and crowds of those who once occupied the pulpit are now condemned for ever to bewail their hypocrisy. You that are Church-officers, do not conclude that because you enjoy the confidence of the Church, that therefore of an absolute certainty the grace of God is in you. Perhaps it is the most dangerous of all positions for a man to become well known and much respected by the religious world, and yet to be rotten at the core. To be where others can observe our faults is a healthy thing though painful; but to live with beloved friends who would not believe it possible for us to do wrong, and who if they saw us err would make excuses for us — this is to be where it is next to impossible for us ever to be aroused if our hearts be not right with God. To have a fair reputation and a false heart is to stand upon the brink of Hell.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lower Greenville Dallas Texas in August: Hot

Another hot day turned into a hot night at Greenville Avenue in Dallas Texas. Friday night I met up with Jeff and Chad from First Baptist Church Justin ( This is the church Tim Crawford of TLC ministries attends. We met at Countryside Bible in Southlake for the ride to Dallas. I think Jeff needs to throw away his Garmond, he still gets lost.

We arrived at around 9pm to meet with Byron who puts me to shame. He memorizes large chunks of information in Spanish to help him talk to Mexicans. The only Spanish I know fluently is my last name! Thanks mom, dad.

Once we were there we started down the West side of the street where I met a guy working one bars outside the entrance. I arrived just in time I think because just 20 minutes later he had to leave. If I remember right his name was Josh. I walked up to Josh and gave him a tract. His reaction was different than normal. "Oh great Im collecting these." Of course I asked if the person who gave him the last tract told him about the Gospel. He said no. (I already knew he was going to be proved a liar according to the Scriptures.) I hope he was mistaken.

Me: do you believe in heaven and hell?

J: yes

me: who goes to heaven?

J: by doing good things and hoping those things are good enough.

me: who goes to hell?

J: people who do bad things

me: let's find out how good you are, ok? J: ok

me: do you believe you are a good person?


me: have you ever lied J

J: yes

me: have you ever stolen anything?


me: have you ever committed adultery?


me: ok, J, now according to the Law of God, the 10 commandments you are a lying, theiving, adulterer, and Christ says that even if you break one Law you've broken them all. Your're condemned to hell. Revelation 21:8 says so. So if you were to die tonight your eternal soul would burn in the Lake that burns with fire. But God! He sent His Son to die so that if we have faith in Him alone and Repent, He will save you soul tonight, right now. Do it now J, what is holding you back?

J: I wish I had talked with you tomorrow, I came here to have fun tonight.

me: please, if you get home read the 1 book of John, your name is in there. It will take you 30 minutes to read it, please do it.

I think Josh had a miserable night within the crevices of his conscience. Josh was convicted in his conscience, I saw it in his face. This whole conversation took about 20 minutes. Praise God for the 20 minutes of time He has given Josh to hear the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, Saviour and Lord of those who call Him Lord, praise His glorious name. Pray for Josh, that the Holy Spirit saves his soul even now.

Jeff had a few conversations as well as Byron and Chad. Chad and Byron said it was a tough night for them. I noticed it didn't get busy until about 10:30pm and fewer people were there to do there sinning. I would hope it's because of our witness.

There is nothing that compares in this life to obeying our Lords command to find the lost and proclaim to them the Gospel of Salvation.

Last night Jeff and I met up with another group witnessing of our Lord via WOTM method. This was a treat and a half. All of us had a great time in fellowship. We compared notes and stories and enjoyed it fully. From left to right: Josh, Cameron, Ernie, and Earthquake. Ok, I said the same thing, Earthquake? Earthquake graciously showed me his drivers liscense. Yep, Earthquake. I think Josh was from a Baptist church and the others were from Clearwater Community Church, (
I praise my Lord Jesus Christ who has done a work in these men to proclaim the highest most important message to man, the Gospel, the Gospel of Christ the Lord. I hope I see you guys again doing the Lords work. Remember go to TLC ( for information on our whereabouts. If you go to the Oz Fest we'll see you there.

1Jo 1:7
But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

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