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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lower Greenville Texas again

Friday night we went out to Lower Greenville on the strip of Greenville Blvd. I've written about this place on a prior blog. This place starts it's night life at 10pm. Any earlier than that it looks like a ghost street.

Because of the Labor Day weekend this place was jumping. Jason, Jeff, myself and a newbie named Bill from Rockwall were there Friday night. We split up, Jason and Jeff, Bill and I to go to each side of the street. It wasn't long until we met up again because it was too early, about 9:30. We decided to go get a drink and have some pizza. By the time we finished, the street transformed into a party gathering.

I talked to a few people before they were became tipsy. Jeff had a long one on one that he thought didn't have any fruit. At least the man heard the Gospel. Jason had a few one2ones without much fruit.

The way I see what I think is a dry night (few one2ones) is that people go to get drunk and carouse, but they end up hearing the Gospel!!! In churches today, people gather to hear the Gospel and no Gospel is preached.!!!

My thinking goes like this, take the Gospel where it isn't expected to be heard and leave the story telling to the post modern preacher.

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Lower Greenville is a great place.. I have family here and sometimes I go in my vacations.. But I have never go out in the night.. I will try the next time

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