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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lower Greenville Dallas Texas in August: Hot

Another hot day turned into a hot night at Greenville Avenue in Dallas Texas. Friday night I met up with Jeff and Chad from First Baptist Church Justin ( This is the church Tim Crawford of TLC ministries attends. We met at Countryside Bible in Southlake for the ride to Dallas. I think Jeff needs to throw away his Garmond, he still gets lost.

We arrived at around 9pm to meet with Byron who puts me to shame. He memorizes large chunks of information in Spanish to help him talk to Mexicans. The only Spanish I know fluently is my last name! Thanks mom, dad.

Once we were there we started down the West side of the street where I met a guy working one bars outside the entrance. I arrived just in time I think because just 20 minutes later he had to leave. If I remember right his name was Josh. I walked up to Josh and gave him a tract. His reaction was different than normal. "Oh great Im collecting these." Of course I asked if the person who gave him the last tract told him about the Gospel. He said no. (I already knew he was going to be proved a liar according to the Scriptures.) I hope he was mistaken.

Me: do you believe in heaven and hell?

J: yes

me: who goes to heaven?

J: by doing good things and hoping those things are good enough.

me: who goes to hell?

J: people who do bad things

me: let's find out how good you are, ok? J: ok

me: do you believe you are a good person?


me: have you ever lied J

J: yes

me: have you ever stolen anything?


me: have you ever committed adultery?


me: ok, J, now according to the Law of God, the 10 commandments you are a lying, theiving, adulterer, and Christ says that even if you break one Law you've broken them all. Your're condemned to hell. Revelation 21:8 says so. So if you were to die tonight your eternal soul would burn in the Lake that burns with fire. But God! He sent His Son to die so that if we have faith in Him alone and Repent, He will save you soul tonight, right now. Do it now J, what is holding you back?

J: I wish I had talked with you tomorrow, I came here to have fun tonight.

me: please, if you get home read the 1 book of John, your name is in there. It will take you 30 minutes to read it, please do it.

I think Josh had a miserable night within the crevices of his conscience. Josh was convicted in his conscience, I saw it in his face. This whole conversation took about 20 minutes. Praise God for the 20 minutes of time He has given Josh to hear the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, Saviour and Lord of those who call Him Lord, praise His glorious name. Pray for Josh, that the Holy Spirit saves his soul even now.

Jeff had a few conversations as well as Byron and Chad. Chad and Byron said it was a tough night for them. I noticed it didn't get busy until about 10:30pm and fewer people were there to do there sinning. I would hope it's because of our witness.

There is nothing that compares in this life to obeying our Lords command to find the lost and proclaim to them the Gospel of Salvation.

Last night Jeff and I met up with another group witnessing of our Lord via WOTM method. This was a treat and a half. All of us had a great time in fellowship. We compared notes and stories and enjoyed it fully. From left to right: Josh, Cameron, Ernie, and Earthquake. Ok, I said the same thing, Earthquake? Earthquake graciously showed me his drivers liscense. Yep, Earthquake. I think Josh was from a Baptist church and the others were from Clearwater Community Church, (
I praise my Lord Jesus Christ who has done a work in these men to proclaim the highest most important message to man, the Gospel, the Gospel of Christ the Lord. I hope I see you guys again doing the Lords work. Remember go to TLC ( for information on our whereabouts. If you go to the Oz Fest we'll see you there.

1Jo 1:7
But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

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