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Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Brother in Christ Sunil George

An update to GTTP for this weekend. Last Sunday I sat next to my friend Sunil George in Church to listen to Justin Peters. Our pastor was out on vacation and Justin did a great job to fill the pulpit.
Sunil gave me a left hook to the brain by his statement, "Ron I would like to go out with you". I think I may have looked like a deer in the headlights. Praise the Lord that our Holy Spirit works on our hearts and minds to compel us to seek the lost while He saves them.
Sunil has given this a lot of thought. He thinks it through very critically and carefully while the Holy Spirit crafts a skillfull laborer for the harvest fields.
Sunil and I took off to a place like Southlake Town Square, about a third the size in Flower Mound Texas. Our arrival there gave me alarmed me just a tiny bit. I saw very few cars and even fewer people. I was already thinking that we might need to go somewhere else.
I thought about Sunil and this being his first time to street fish. So I new we had to stay at least till the hot sun went down.
We headed the long way to the center of the shopping area. Fountains pushing up into the air getting kids wet was the clincher for attracting people. What a great idea.
After tracalacking the area we met up with a married couple. She claimed her goodness and he didn't mind it at all. She remained defensive and he didn't mind. In fact he was a little irratated that we were trying to tell him he wasn't a good person in the eyes of God either.
You ask what the problem is? Both claimed Christianity and Christ as their Savior! She claimed that it was her interpretation that counted which could be different than her husbands or pastors interpretation. WOE!
When talking to the husband we noticed he didn't mind at all what his wifes proclamation was.
His whole defense was based on talking in toungues. Were we "spirit fille" with the evidence of talking in toungues. This would be his platform. Once I knew the conversation was taking a drastic dive, I thanked him for his patience with us.
Sunil had one last thing to say, based on the following verses:
Mar 10:17
As He was setting out on a journey, a man ran up to Him and knelt before Him, and asked Him, "Good Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?"
Mar 10:18
And Jesus said to him, "Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone.

Even this text would not convince them of their lack of goodness. To call yourself good is WHAT? Maybe it's like calling yourself GOD>
Way to go Sunil, let's do it again. Thank you Shoba for letting him go out with me.

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