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Monday, July 7, 2008

Fraud Todd

I'll just make this post easy on myself and put a large chunk of a quote from a 2005 forum. " That night God took him out-of-body, supposedly, and into the witch doctor’s dreams, and witnessed to him while he was dreaming. The witch doctor came back the next day saved because of being witnessed to while he was dreaming. He also talked about one time, he got taken up into the third heaven, and angels were running around saying “The books of destiny, the books of destiny!” and stuffed a page from one of those books which had a map of this one African country into his mouth, and then 3 days later the ruler of that country called his ministry." If you read anything about this fraud of god you'll notice recurring themes; visions, caught up into heaven, healing, transferable, contagious, fire, angels, raising from the dead and whatever else you might think to be hard to believe.
Jon Speed, Liz **, and I went to the latest fraud todd concert this past weekend. The quote above is only different in one aspect, fraud todd made up different names and places to make it more relevent for his Texas sheep.
If you look at the picture closely fraud todd is on his knees in a "holy trance" shaking his head like he is saying no, no, no, no, no, no, really fast. I noticed todds little buddies doing the same from time to time. The sheep in the audience also copied the same head movements.
I post this just to keep up a little better for my audience of ones and ones. Just give me some time and I will be posting fraud todd bentley's antics on Youtube. The first one will be of f t claiming how many are being raised from the dead. I hear the coolaid being mixed right now.

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