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Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Trucks More Conversations More Preaching

It's been a while since my last entry. While I started out blogging to keep names in memory and pray for salvation for so many that are perishing, there is the factor of time. I say make more time to witness and less time to blog. That is what I did. The couple hours I put into blogging have gone into the bigger picture of witnessing. I have to let go of the temporal things to do the more important thing for my Lord Jesus Christ.

So for now unless something else changes, I will not blog as much. I'll try to keep it up as long as possible updates to a few things that I do but not nearly everything I do in witnessing/evangelism.
Let me recap on the past week only for now. Truck stop ministry is still going. Thursday I talked to a couple guys but handed out many more tracts. Pray that the Lord sees fit to keep the door open for His Gospel to penetrate the almost meaningless lives of truckers. Think about it. each day they drive for hours only to arrive at a truck stop greeted by nobody without the company of wives, children, parents, friends, or known geography. Just about anywhere they go they are strangers. At the stop they eat, take a shower, read, watch tv, or talk to other truckers.

The next morning they do the same thing until arriving at their destination only to pick up another load to do the same thing. If the trucker has true hope in Christ, maybe it's more tolerating to bear up. If too a trucker were a Christian they could start their own evangelism ministry. Most don't and most won't. Sinners on the other hand have no Hope for eternal things and put all their hope into temporal things each day and night.

So I think when someone like me shows up at their door holding out a tract it's perfectly ok to get strange looks. Strange looks haven't killed anyone that I know. Give me all that the looks imaginable but also give me 5 minutes of your time.
For now I still plug along once a week as much as I can to talk to as many truckers as possible and even some prostitutes. Praise God for His plan of redemption, not my own.

This Saturday, Memorial day weekend 3 of us went to the Grassy Knoll. Chad, John of TLC Ministries, my mother (who came to interpret) and I trekked to Dealey Plaza Historic District. We preached from a platform just to the left of where the man is walking up the "grassy knoll".
So as people walked behind us and on the sidewalk to the right the Gospel message of our Lords sermon from Matthew Chapter 5 was clearly heard.

The obective: to read word for word from the Scriptures (Word of God), the Sermon on the Mount. The purpose: this is how our Lord decided to save those who are perishing, through the hearing of His Word alone. Evangelism/witnessing. The method: while one of us read and preached, the others would pass out tracts and witness. The method we use is vulgar to some churches so much so that if it were discovered by the leadership, a mark would be placed next to your name called "special". So special that you suddenly find yourself free from any invitations to be a teacher, deacon, or elder.

Being special has it's benefits: freedom. Now I have the freedom preach God's word anywhere the law allows and almost nowhere some churches allow.

To the left is Chad, Ron, and Jon (TLC). My mom took the picture, Thank you mom.

Soon after this picture was taken we headed back to the truck. On the way there while walking slowly with my mom I saw a Mexican (maybe illeagal) sweeping just to the side of an open garage like door leading into a restaruant. I used my vast deep vocabulary of Spanish as we approached him (Tony) and said "come esta"?

He Tony replied "muy bien gracias" in a very friendly tone. Almost at the same time my mom asked him something about church. Can you say "divine appointment?" In short, after a 30 minute conversation with my mom's studering Spanish at times, we bid him fairwell. I gave him a Spanish Bible and told him where to read by marking it out. Pray that God has mercy on Tony's soul like He did with mine and my mothers'.
That's my beautiful mother evangelist and Tony the sinner. Do you see his new Bible he's holding?
I wonder if there are any good sound Methodist churches in our area. Just curious>

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