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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jeff Pittman in the Spotlight

I know a guy who was fed up with doing nothing for the Lord. Although he thought it, nothing was not the word for the fed up part. Everyone does something I think. No one does nothing I hope. But this guy thought he should be opening his mouth to proclaim the Gospel more often.

Jeff Pittman from 1st Baptist Church in Justin Texas. Jeff is the kind of guy who likes to stay under the radar. Even when Jeff does open airs, he will never get "in your kitchen". Now how often do you hear a preacher that never gets in your kitchen while telling you that ****************hell

awaits you without repentance.

Ok this is what I know about Jeff: He is older than me, about 50ish, he lives in Justin, works for a pipeline, gas, oil type of company that gives him a nice truck to drive. Has a wife, and a daughter. I should know his wifes name but I forgot. But I did meet his daughter today. She was given the task to deliver my camera that Crawford borrowed and did not return. Jeff's daughters name is Sabre (sorta). I know I slaughtered that one. But here is Father and daughter in several pics: Do you see the resemblance. I don't. I think Jeff was adopted.
The first upper left pic Jeff is witnessing to someone elses daughter in Florida near the entrance of the Aquarium in Tampa. The 2nd upper right he is open airing I think at the recent Fort Worth Arts Fest. Bottom left, more witnessing, and bottom right his daughter at the Wal Mart parking lot in Roanoke Texas.
Jeff will never be seen front and center until now. But now that I have seen some of Jeff's family I thought why not write some little tid bit on Jeff Pittman, evangelist, preacher, elder, minister, dad, and husband.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Allen and Calvin Two Truckers Two Fates

Back at the truck stop on Thursday night the Lord had devine appointments for me. Coming up on a man who was headed for McDonalds after a long day on the road, I met with Calvin.

Sometimes I think that because someone can't explain the Gospel I think they are not saved. It's true. Think about it. If you hired a carpenter to build a simple box so you could use it to stand on, and the carpenter came back to you with a box that had the nails or screw sticking out. You also notice the box has closer shape to a parallelagram than a square. Then to top it off the carpenter gives you the invoice, then you look at him like he's ready to say "just joking" but you know he's serious.

Another example: a plumber comes to your house to fix a simple leak. You let him in because he has all the right looking tools, and he's honest looking. You show him the leak and you leave him alone to do the work. An hour later he comes out with the invoice and you say lets go look at it. You see that he's done something but the leak is still there! You look on his face to make sure he's not joking, and he isn't!
Both scenarios are not jokes, they really happen! Here is the bold truth to both of them, scenario one says he's a carpenter. But in reality he is a liar, and certainly not a carpenter, but closer to a thief.
Scenario 2 is a person that calls themself a plumber. If this man came to my house and could not perform the duties of a plumber, I would call him a liar and would not pay the invoice.
The Gospel is more simple to understand than plumbing or woodworking. So if a person calls themself a Christian and could not explain the Gospel then I would have to doubt their salvation or give them a reality check.
So I don't think it's always the case someone can't explain the Gospel and their salvation is doomed, but take this scenario of Calvin.
Calvin could not explain in explicit terms the Gospel, but he related the message of the Gospel in the best way he could. As he was trying to explain what he was trying to say I was filling in what he was trying to say in Biblical terms. Calvin understood the Gospel and was possibly saved.

Allen>>>>Allen thought he was saved but wasn't. Allen couldn't even get a form of the Gospel, a shadow, an outline of the Gospel. Allen had trouble from the start.

So as our Lords divine appointment would have it, Allen now understands his depravity, and our Lords wrath on his sinful ways. Allen saw right away his sin from the 10 commandents. Then Allen saw his need for a Saviour, then what Christ our Saviour does for those that repent and trust in Him with faith, grace and mercy.

At the point they "figure it out" you know you've done your part. Leave the rest to the One who made the earth in and sky and sea and everything in them in 6 days. Leave the rest to Him who knows the number of hairs on our heads and has a name for every star. Point to the scriptures, especially 1 John. Tell them to read it as many times as they will. Tell them to cry out to God to have mercy on their souls, to open their heart and mind to understand what they read.

Allen and Calvin are two different truckers, one, possibly thorny ground, the other possibly fertile ground.

Mat 7:18
"A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit.

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