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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jeff Pittman in the Spotlight

I know a guy who was fed up with doing nothing for the Lord. Although he thought it, nothing was not the word for the fed up part. Everyone does something I think. No one does nothing I hope. But this guy thought he should be opening his mouth to proclaim the Gospel more often.

Jeff Pittman from 1st Baptist Church in Justin Texas. Jeff is the kind of guy who likes to stay under the radar. Even when Jeff does open airs, he will never get "in your kitchen". Now how often do you hear a preacher that never gets in your kitchen while telling you that ****************hell

awaits you without repentance.

Ok this is what I know about Jeff: He is older than me, about 50ish, he lives in Justin, works for a pipeline, gas, oil type of company that gives him a nice truck to drive. Has a wife, and a daughter. I should know his wifes name but I forgot. But I did meet his daughter today. She was given the task to deliver my camera that Crawford borrowed and did not return. Jeff's daughters name is Sabre (sorta). I know I slaughtered that one. But here is Father and daughter in several pics: Do you see the resemblance. I don't. I think Jeff was adopted.
The first upper left pic Jeff is witnessing to someone elses daughter in Florida near the entrance of the Aquarium in Tampa. The 2nd upper right he is open airing I think at the recent Fort Worth Arts Fest. Bottom left, more witnessing, and bottom right his daughter at the Wal Mart parking lot in Roanoke Texas.
Jeff will never be seen front and center until now. But now that I have seen some of Jeff's family I thought why not write some little tid bit on Jeff Pittman, evangelist, preacher, elder, minister, dad, and husband.

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