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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spritual Discernment

How bad can it get? Do you consider yourself a fool? If a man said to God "oh I'm sorry God for the murder of my wife," do you think he would go to heaven? This is the kind of question that would "trip up" many people who attend a church. It's a silly question at best but a hard question for most of today's "Christians". How bad can it get. Discernment is absent from the mind of a "Christian." I can't even get myself to write the word Christian without quotes most of the time. "Chritians" of today are not Christians! The word Christian has been diluted to include the most bizzare doctrines not found in the Scriptures.
Are you a discerning Christian? Look at the video I put of C. Peter Wagner (founder of Global harvest Ministries). Can you find at least 20 false teachings that would be listed in the scriptures under the heading of "another gospel"?
Can you connect the dots of the cult leader, Peter Wagner? Try Alaska for one connection, try California for another, does the name Ensign or Church on the Way spark any memories.
I dare you to do a search for this man Wagner. If you have any concern that you might be connected to the wrong church, beliefs, or doctrines, then you might want to start packing your bible in you bible cover with your little color pencils and leave now.
If I have more time for more info, I will do part a part 2.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Armando still in Bonds and Chains

Meet Armando, the only trucker to allow me into the cab. He lives in Minnesota he says to stay away from "friends". He has the right idea, if your friends cause you to stumble into temptation and sin. My question is, can you call them "friends"? I wouldn't, no no no I wouldn't.
Pro 18:24
A man of {too many} friends {comes} to ruin, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.
But I held up my famous tract for Armando to take it. He looked at me with odd strange looks as I would if I were him. He rolls down the window and I told him I was a minister of the Lord and I am handing out Gospel tracts. "Here take it, it's yours" I said. Armando took it. I knew he didn't know too much English but enough to talk to him. After asking him if he gets to go to church anywhere he said back at home. I asked the all to familiar question, becuase I'm interested in talking points, what church do you attend? It was an Assemblies of God, one that had Spanish services. I said, oh. So we talked an little before he invited me into his truck (air condition). I told him, "Armando let's have a Bible study, ok? I took him to Matthew 5 about adultery, then the mighty 7th commandment, that's you Armando isn't it? Then I took him back to Matthew 5 about murder and then to the mighty 6th commandment. Then I took him to Revelation 21:6 wher all murderers and liars go if they pass from this life to the next without Christ. Then I led him to the cross, the sweet cross where sins are slain, and chains removed, eyes opened, and ears hear. Justification was on the plate for our Bible study.
I wasn't concerned about time, so I took my time. The only phone to ring was mine, Byron calling me back from a couple trucks ago where a mexican didn't understand enough.
After about 30 minutes of talking to him I told him I had to go. He offered me some bottled water, it was gooood. My Lord does the hard work and I get water. His yoke is easy.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week of July 4 2009 Fire Fire Fire

Thursday was a normal truck stop night. It took me 2 hours to talk to 4 poeple. I say 4 because the fith one, Daljit Singh was convicted so quickly he had to stop the conversation. He still has my tract though. Bill, Spencer, and Sheila were all people who were all too glad to talk about the Gospel. Bill thought it didn't matter what church you attended. He thought as long as you go, you would be ok.
Spencer might be a Christian but there were so many red flags in his testimony that it caused concern in me. When I come to someone like this all I ask them is "I don't know your heart but please let me explain the Gospel just to be sure you know it". Once that happens their blood is off your hands. If they do know it then what will it hurt? It's just another member of Christ your get to know. They no longer are STRANGERS.
Shiela was walking her mutt when I gave her a tract. Sheila was all ears, distracted, but all ears.

Friday was Southlakes 4th of July celebration and my 3rd 4th of July celebration of witnessing at that location. I met up with Tim, Jeff, and Rex. Rex has been away for awhile but there he was passing out tracts. I met a guy by the name of Shaun or Sean or Shawn, one of these. Shaun had the odasity to witness to me, huh! I say it's about time someone had the ^%$^%$ to witness to me. Most men are scared of most men. Shaun laid it out. Thanks Shaun.

Saturday was Ezra day. Pick a place to read 1 John. I chose the courthouse steps in Southlake. My thinking was that in my lifetime I would not get to do this too much longer with people like our Muslim president in the Whitehouse.

So off I went to read the book of 1 John all the way thru. Many people heard some of the verses. I just look at it like this. God will bring those who he wants to hear His Gospel to those that will proclaim His Gospel. No gimmicks to try to lure hearers of the Word.
Later on in the day I met with Byron Porter my Spanish speaking compadre? Yea he speaks Spanish. We met at the legendary Bass Pro shops and drove off to Grapevine Lake to look for Mexican so he could practice on his Spanish.
The photo to the right is what we saw at the lake. You see 2 cars on fire with the first responders just arriving at the same time we did. Some people think at least one or both cars had fireworks inside. Makes sense to me. Every 4th people gather at the lake and light it up.

This of course drew an instant crowd for those looking for one. Byron wanting to try out his Spanish had several Mexicans to choose from. The guys in covered in tats standing next to us seemed like they were wanting to talk about the things of God. I pointed to Byron and Byron beamed in on my finger to talk to these guys and off we ran with it. After a few minutes of conversation one of the men said they were Mormon i.e., sinners who have rejected Christ as God and therefor reject Christ as Saviour and Lord.

After the conversation I said to Byron that if it were me I would have gotten right to the meat and asked; Do you believe that Jesus is God? Then read the scriptures that say that He is God. Anyway we left them with tracts and because they are so confident in their cult belief they left us with nothing.

After giving out severl tracts we came up on some viejas ( ladies if childbearing age who may have or may not have had children but look like they might have had children). Definition from the post exhilent ronaldus postus dictionary.

After listening to the video I have of Byron and this special encounter, Byron did a great job to show them their sins and show them what must be done to inherit the kingdom of God. Praise God that Byron is willing to learn the language to increase the opportunities to further the Kingdom of God.

After hiking back to the truck I met a man named Zack. He made the claim of being a Christian. I hope that Zack doesn't make this claim anymore unless he has repented, turned to Christ, and trusts in His mighty power to save the sinner. Zack if you read this and it sounds as though I am harsh and divisive I will make my defense and say it's the ultimate of love through Gods saving grace He has given me. By my remarks, I am giving you objective warning signs from my observation. Your girlfriend wouldn't talk to you like this, your mother or father the same probably. I am outside your circle of friends who can say with all confidence that I love you. The Gospel message is Love. Christ is Love. The message of the Gospel is about Christ. Zack I am giving you the greatest news any man will hear. It's this, you will perish in your sin, period.
Read Revelation 21/8. We established that you failed every commandment, 10 of 10. God will judge you in righteousness through His commandments. I only made it clear to you. This messenger loves you Zack. Beg Him for mercy, fall on your knees, leave all behind to follow Him. This isn't a surgar coated message from a mega church "pastor". Test what I've said through the scriptures, don't trust what I say alone. Christ is all in all. He alone can forgive sin.

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