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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Armando still in Bonds and Chains

Meet Armando, the only trucker to allow me into the cab. He lives in Minnesota he says to stay away from "friends". He has the right idea, if your friends cause you to stumble into temptation and sin. My question is, can you call them "friends"? I wouldn't, no no no I wouldn't.
Pro 18:24
A man of {too many} friends {comes} to ruin, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.
But I held up my famous tract for Armando to take it. He looked at me with odd strange looks as I would if I were him. He rolls down the window and I told him I was a minister of the Lord and I am handing out Gospel tracts. "Here take it, it's yours" I said. Armando took it. I knew he didn't know too much English but enough to talk to him. After asking him if he gets to go to church anywhere he said back at home. I asked the all to familiar question, becuase I'm interested in talking points, what church do you attend? It was an Assemblies of God, one that had Spanish services. I said, oh. So we talked an little before he invited me into his truck (air condition). I told him, "Armando let's have a Bible study, ok? I took him to Matthew 5 about adultery, then the mighty 7th commandment, that's you Armando isn't it? Then I took him back to Matthew 5 about murder and then to the mighty 6th commandment. Then I took him to Revelation 21:6 wher all murderers and liars go if they pass from this life to the next without Christ. Then I led him to the cross, the sweet cross where sins are slain, and chains removed, eyes opened, and ears hear. Justification was on the plate for our Bible study.
I wasn't concerned about time, so I took my time. The only phone to ring was mine, Byron calling me back from a couple trucks ago where a mexican didn't understand enough.
After about 30 minutes of talking to him I told him I had to go. He offered me some bottled water, it was gooood. My Lord does the hard work and I get water. His yoke is easy.

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