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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spritual Discernment

How bad can it get? Do you consider yourself a fool? If a man said to God "oh I'm sorry God for the murder of my wife," do you think he would go to heaven? This is the kind of question that would "trip up" many people who attend a church. It's a silly question at best but a hard question for most of today's "Christians". How bad can it get. Discernment is absent from the mind of a "Christian." I can't even get myself to write the word Christian without quotes most of the time. "Chritians" of today are not Christians! The word Christian has been diluted to include the most bizzare doctrines not found in the Scriptures.
Are you a discerning Christian? Look at the video I put of C. Peter Wagner (founder of Global harvest Ministries). Can you find at least 20 false teachings that would be listed in the scriptures under the heading of "another gospel"?
Can you connect the dots of the cult leader, Peter Wagner? Try Alaska for one connection, try California for another, does the name Ensign or Church on the Way spark any memories.
I dare you to do a search for this man Wagner. If you have any concern that you might be connected to the wrong church, beliefs, or doctrines, then you might want to start packing your bible in you bible cover with your little color pencils and leave now.
If I have more time for more info, I will do part a part 2.

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