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Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Weekend @ the OzzFest

This Saturday evening would have been quiet and comfortable during the Cowbows pre pre pre game if it weren't for OzzFest 2008. Upon arrival at the Pizza Hut Park in Frisco Texas it looked like a bust for us. The Ozzie fans had already packed into the concert with a few stragglers making there way out and in. The out people had enough the for the day and headed home. The in people went to see Ozzy Ozbourne.

By the time we arrived at the entrance the music started up. Thunderous bass and lead guitar rifts with banging drums in the background blended harmoniously to the excellent lyrical songs of Ozzy. Below is the CD jacket Ozzy and this is what I mean by harmonious lyrics from a song called Ultimate Sin:

"Anyway I look at it now The doors are closed and cannot be opened Bury your anger and bury your deadOr you'll be left with nothing and no oneThere's no point in screaming'Cos you won't be heardNow the tables have turnedIt was the ultimate sinIt was the ultimate sinIt was the ultimate sinIt was the ultimate sinI warned you then and I'm warning you nowIf you mess with me you're playing with fireWinds of change that are fanning the flames Will carry you to your funeral pyre It's pulling you downIt's your final descentIt's too late to repent When it's the ultimate sin When it's the ultimate sin When it's the ultimate sin When it's the ultimate sin"

I hope you know by now this music is harmonious, catchy, well organized and whatever else you may want to add to it. Im sure you don't agree, not a problem. Just don't bury your head in the sand. The musicians are clever and talented. The author makes hundreds of millions from past music and new music.

Please don't pass this off as a fad, it has staying power and draws thousands of people into it's grip. This music has a grip on it's listeners and the listener will not let go. Why? This is sin manifested through lyrics by a sinner who needs Christ as his Saviour. Since this is a manifestation of sin, the sinner will be drawn to it like a moth to a bug zapper.

Ok, enough rambling. All this to say, I talked to a lot of professed "christians" (little c) out there. The lyrics I posted here are considered normal within this man's philosohpy. He and his thoughts are anti Christian. He is an anti-Christ. What he sings, does, says, acts like, and backs up is everything opposite Christ. Ozzy doesn't try to hide it or mislead you, he invites you to his world of demons, satan, music. He gets in your "kitchen." That's the good part. We can see him for what he is. The bad part is these false converts out at the concert professing to be Christians will one day say: Lord Lord... didn't we...? and Christ will say depart from me, I never knew you. Tragic words.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we can't sit by with the mindset that says: oh, I think I will have a nice quiet peacful night and sit back and watch the Dallas Cowboys play tonight. As Christians, our Captain requires us to have part in saving drowning people. We need to obey His commands or we should get off the ship and sail another way.

Some pics from this weekend:

This is Jason talking to a couple Ozzy fans. Notice the shirt the kid has on. What are his parents like, maybe like Ozzy?

This is Jeff, still a newby at witnessing. Do you think this is drudgery to him. Do you think he's arguing or raising his voice? No, No, No. He is having a great conversation about Christ and sin and hell and the Cross and Salvation. Jeff is a changed man. A man of God.

Here is another Jeff, another changed man. This might be Jeff's second, or third time out witnessing. Notice anything about who he is talking. A father with his son next to him trying to peak in at the Ozzy concert. Think of the lyrics this man is exposing his son. Like father like son.
Jeff is on the fast track. There is no going back for Jeff to the comforts of "oh, my pastor will do it" mentallity. Jeff had many conversations Saturday night.
Jeff attends church at Mt Gilead Baptist Church in Keller Texas.

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