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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Better to Give

Once I was done at the truck stop tonight I started thinking.
Acts 20:35 says that giving is better than receiving. I never actually thought about it as giving something for which Christ died. Give the life message of the Gospel to as many people as you can muster up. Giving money is nice but giving eternal life messages is even better.
This evening was one that my brain had no desire to go out to the truck stop. I didn't even want to talk to anyone. The house was warm and it wasn't outside. Ron! you have to go.
Christ went, Paul went, Peter went, James, John, Matthew and on and on and on. So I went.
So again after dragging my butt out the door into the truck and out to the truck stop, I came back with gladness in my heart. Christ gave His life and all I did was go to the truck stop. Wow, I think thats a good trade.
The very first truck I approached I was able to converse with them. A husband and wife team who listened intently to everything I had to say. An ex preacher who was tired of "the game". Then Justin, a 38 year old employee at the stop who was into preterism. By the time our conversation ended preterism was not even blip on his radar.
I only put tracts on about 100 trucks. There was no way I had the stamina to hit all 300+ tractor trailers. It's sad to think that there were many more truckers who would talk to me but never will. The Lord has His ways through the obedience of His chosen people who get tired. Christ had to sleep and eat so I have to think in those terms. Not everyone heard the message of Christ, so not every trucker heard the Gospel tonight.
Praise God for kicking me in the butt through His word. He died for many so I would practice obedience. Go hard or go home says the song. Well I went hard then I went home.

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