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Friday, June 5, 2009

Back from Fort Benning

Just a change of subject type to let all my readers know that my son who is single is back from Fort Benning, GA.
We flew to Georgia, rented a car, drove 2 hours to the Fort Benning area to see my son graduate from basic, and advanced training.

To the left is my sweet lovely P31 wife, Daniel, and Caleb. Remember Daniel is single. Besides being single he is not married either.

We had a good time helping him settle down in the civilian world by eating real world food and sleeping until the sun came up. Now he will continue his job at the Fort Worth jail, go to school and possibly take flight lessons from someone who attends our church. I think the next biggest thing besides going through boot camp and surviving is the weight he lost. About 80 lbs. He is holding at 200lbs and looks good.

He alson loves to attend the church Tommy Nelson pastors, Denton Bible Church.

I couldn't sign off without writing about his baptism. Yes he finally took the plunge. As a boot camp enlisted soldier, perspective becomes clear. I don't know what the base chaplain talked about but, whatever it was, my son made the clear decision to obey Christ our Lord by getting baptized.
He understands the Gospel and is working out his salvation. With his dad around he is also examining himself in light of the scriptures.
I praise my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for His mercy on both my son and me. There are many fathers who are saved with sons that live for the devil. Praise Him who saves to the uttermost. It is Christ, it is God, it is we who bow low before Him.

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