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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why Did Christ Die

Pro 11:30
The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life,and whoever captures souls is wise.

Is it possible that if every christian were equally spread out over the planet and made friends within their itty bitty circle, everyone they made friends with would hear the True Gospel of Christ?
I say no.
If you ask how many christians truly witness, I think it would reflect the number of people who truly witness coming from any particular church.
How many truly witness from your church? Not many huh? Not many at all.
Did Christ die so that we could be a witness to friends only? To (next door) neigbors only? To those you know by name?
Come to think of it, if christians only did the above, the church would be full of broiled fish. But witnessing is really not being done by even my good brethren from my church.
Just take a peek at my churches website. The word, evangelism doesn't exist. Within this portal, our world wide web site, shows the world what we do or don't do for Christ. Yes, we have missions, but is that what all of us are called to do? To go to a foreign country where distance and funds are equally taxing? I believe that a church can get a group of people to spend lot's of money to go to X country for many days, to spread the gospel, but couldn't get the same group of people to go out to their own cities summer fest to spread the same Gospel.
There will always be few laborers who see that Christ came here for one reason; to seek and save the lost. He is our Captain and our Captain has given his orders. Whose orders will you obey, your own?

Luk 19:10
For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.
And lost His life for the perishing.


Anonymous said...

I have read many of your posts over the last several months and am shocked by your lack of love and compassion for those you deem as lost. It makes me so sad to know that instead of encouraging and uplifting these random people you meet you instead condemn them and cease to have hope for their salvation. People are not won to Christ by one encounter that throws only questions at them and expects perfect answers. People are won by a lifestyle, a kind word, an example, joy, and above all love. Sharing the Gospel is wonderful and it is a very powerful tool to draw people to Christ but I suspect that people on the street often think that they would rather be loved on then berated to give the "right" answer.

I would encourage you to explore other avenues of learning about Christ. I used to go to the church you attend and while I gained invaluable Bible knowledge and treasured life long friends I never learned about love. I have spent the last year in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) which studies the Bible free of commentaries and church tradition. I was challanged by the rawness of the word of God and saw for the first time that God is an overwhelming God of love. I think you might benefit from it. You say that you live in Keller....I know there is a men's evening class in Colleyville (some of the men you go to church with attend it). If you decide to join please go with a clear head, suspending you presuppositions about who you think God is and allow Him to reveal something about Himself you may not have discovered yet.

I hope grace, love, and kindness for you.

Ron said...

Anonymous, thank you for your comments. I really do take them to heart and learn by each and every comment here and on the streets. If I've shaken you faith or dissed you in anyway I want to apologize. I am not in any way wishing to distant any reader or any sinner. I do need to ask what I said that earned your wrath. Please let me know and maybe I can grow by it. I will also look more into the Bible study you have mentioned. Thank you again.
In Christ alone

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