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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prostitution and Possible Fruit

This is the american sign a lot of truckers have on the driver side of their trucks. The text is usually not part of the sign itself. This is what prostitutes see out there at truck stops which is where I was last night.
I thought when I arrived and started passing out tracts that I wouldn't even get a nibble of conversation. The weather was cool to cold and not much movement compared to other nights. Praise the Lord that my feelings of the kind of night it would be doesn't count. God had people for me to talk to before the foundations of the earth were formed by Christ Himself. The very first person that would let me talk to him was a Christian from Minnesota. He had a lot to say and was glad to hear his testimony. Like my brother Byron he attends an EFree church. They are typically ok to good churches but you have to make sure where the elders heads are doctrinally. The next person I talked to claimed to be Catholic. Although as he was getting out of the truck he claimed he wanted to go eat. Over 30 minutes later and after his partner showed up both were given the clear message of the Gospel. Both had a lot of bad luggage in their brains from past churches. I made it clear to them to read and believe only the scriptures alone. As we were coming to a close both asked me to pray for them. I did. My prayer didn't include generalities and hope that God would improve their lives, NO WAY. My prayer to God was that He would open their eyes, ears to allow them to understand the scriptures. To understand the scriptures to the point of salvation. That they would know that in the mean time the wrath of God abides on them daily and Revelation 21 is their destination if they chose to reject the Gospel of Christ. I prayed for them to fall on their knees and beg for mercy, cry out to Him who can destroy both soul and body. I prayed that they would be saved even tonight.
They both thanked me for all that I shared with them then I went to the next truck.
The man sitting in the next truck watching all this unfold was listening to John MacArthur on KCBI. A little ways away I saw a woman (prostitute) walking about 20 yards from me. I kind of pulled a mini bolt in my step to get to her. I was already handing out a tract to her when she caught me by surprise! She made it clear she was ready for anything but conversation by showing me a packaged "deflated balloon". I said no thank you but she took my tract. After trying to coax her into a conversation she slowly walked away. I'm sure she found another fool out there last night. A little sex for a little desease equals transgressing the 7th commandment.
I was able to talk to one more guy from Oregon who said his wife and his friend were working on him to be saved. He understands with more clarity why he needs to repent, and trust in Jesus Christ for salvation. Another thank you and on to more trucks.

Hbr 11:31
By faith Rahab the harlot did not perish along with those who were disobedient,

If only she would've listened, maybe she would've believed.

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