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Saturday, March 21, 2009

McDonalds Sunday or 4am Wake-up

All I was thinking last Thursday was, I will be getting a call Friday morning at about 4a.m. That's fine I could do that. Go to bed a little earlier, get up, shower, coffee, and I''m out the door. Sounds easy to me and sounds easy to you, right. If that's all I had to do then life is a bowl of passion oranges just right for eating while you kick back and eat up.

God is a God of mercy and grace and justice and wrath and judgment and power and wisdom and peace and wisdom and so much more. So in serving our Lord who is all these things at the same time and is never not any of these things at all times. Im thinking that what He has called me to do is simple even in my feeble mindedness, my unbelief, my unwillingness, my unforgiveness, my wretchedness and so much more of "ness".

Thinking through these things makes for me a balance in Christ to do the work of an evangelist.

Either stay home knowing what I need to do the next day or go out to do the work I comitted to do for my Lord, proclaim His gospel to the perishing. It's His gospel that must be shouted from the roof tops, it's His gospel that must take front and center of our thoughts and actions. I know it's not like that for me at all times, especially after work when I'm am so tired. But when Thursday rolls around I need to go and do the work Christ beckones me to do.

In all human standards going to the truck stop was a miserable failure in terms of how many people I talked to and how many tracts I passed out. I took two rubberbanded stacks of tracts and gave out maybe less than 10 individaul tracts! I told a guy to read through one and it had a good message on the back, he said he would. I said the same thing to a lady walking by (not a lot lizard), then approached a truck with a husband wife team. That's it! I camped there for close to an hour I think, maybe more. The couple is pictured here. This is Eugene (he said I could call him that) and Jeannette Whaley from Virginia Beach. Both are in the "kinda" catagorie. Kinda new Christians but kinda not. They've been saved for about 3 years. They know enough to be saved and maybe know a little theology without knowing they know theology, you know?

So at this point I would say to Eugene and Jeannette to find someone to teach them more diligently the things of God. Find someone who can take the Word and exegete each and every word and line in the scriptures. The difinition of exegesis is this:
"critical explanation or interpretation of a text or portion of a text, esp. of the Bible". Very few pastor teachers lack this ability. It takes hours of study to exegete small portions of text. That's why some pastor/teachers aren't willing to do it. In fact do a study on how Paul himself exegeted scriptures. You've got to know God's word so well that if anyone like me comes along and asks you anything at all within reason, you will have an answer from God's Word not our opinion which counts for nothing in the day of judgment. Look at this text and this may be what I did Thursday night with you:
Act 18:26
and he began to speak out boldly in the synagogue. But when Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they took him aside and explained to him the way of God more accurately.

You see, I'm not suggesting anything other than getting yourself trained in the Way of God more ACCURATELY. This should be the only goal up to the point of being teachers yourself. Know God's word with accuracy. Dissect it, meditate on it, day and night.

The text above if you read it reflects a man who was "mighty in the scriptures". If he was mighty and did not accuratley proclaim God's word then how much more do we need to do to soak in the wisdom of His word.

Thank you Eugene and Jennette for the fellowship and patience with me. Can I say it? Keep on truckin, in Christ alone.

Thanks for the offer of the Micky D's sunday, my brain and body told me it was getting late with an early day coming fast. Maybe next time. Be careful out there.

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