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Friday, March 27, 2009

Red Mountain Church

I found some new music to listen to and really enjoy. The CD to the left is called the The Gadsby Project. I just copied and pasted the following exerpt from their website:
Gadsby’s Hymns, published in several stages during the first half of the 19th century, is a collection of hymns from multiple writers containing songs dating back to the 17th century. Some of the 1,156 songs in this hymnal are familiar, but most of these great lyrics have simply been forgotten in the modern church. Our primary goal for this record is to reintroduce 14 of these great hymns so believers can incorporate them into public worship again. Interestingly, William Gadsby (the original compiler of the hymnal, a great preacher and hymn-writer) was against the use of instruments in public worship. This mindset aided in making many of the original tunes and melodies unknown for these hymns. There is a companion tune book for Gadsby’s Hymns, but it wasn’t published until 1927. It is very possible that these hymns have had multiple tunes and arrangements over the years. We like to believe that our small work on these hymns is a part of something much bigger, that we are simply another group of believers falling in line with generations who have gone before us, modernizing and singing these great hymns once again. The tunes that we have applied are our way of interpreting the text in our own time and place, and it is exciting to think that the tradition of putting hymns to new music is a tradition that has gone on for many generations. We hope that you love these hymns as much as we do and that you are able to sing them again in your church. One last thing: Go buy a copy of Gadsby’s Hymns. Then go buy a bunch more, and give them to all your friends. May this exceptional hymnal feed your soul the way it has fed ours.
Also you can find some of their stuff on utube along with a taste of their personalities.
If you enjoy solid food from our King and Lord Jesus Christ in the form of His Word, go and feast on the music of Red Mountain Church.
I think if I had to choose the best CD they sell and I couldn't buy but one, then I would choose "Help My Unbelief".
All the lyrics is reformed. You won't find one song that repeats the chorus over and over and over and over...
You can say these are not typical of most church songs where you'll find the lack of content made up by some kid trying his lead guitar skills on all who will suffer through it. It reminds me of a Todd Bentley false prophet concert where there was more bouncing than God's word proclaimed. Oh wait, God's word was never proclaimed, it was another gospel! sorreeeee:)'
Go check out their music at the link above. If anything it might be too folk like for you but the words are spot on.

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