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Sunday, December 30, 2007

In Need Of A Savior?

I will not be the judge of anyone, God will. I can only evaluate the fruit dropping from the tree to taste it and touch it. Left to Right is Chrissy, Kourtney, Christina, and K-Jo. They claim to attend church but again, do not know what is meant by knowing the Gospel. This makes it easy for me to determine where to start my presentation; at the beginning! The questions: have you ever lied, have you ever stolen anything, and have you ever comitted adultery is a type of mirror that will show you a better image of the "real you" before a perfect and righteous God who will judge you by His higher standard. K-Jo seemed concerned. I continued with the Grace portion of the Gospel. They seemed to understand that with repentence and faith in Christ alone, God will see them as having Christs righteousness not their own. All their own righteousness is as dung (Phl 3:8 ) to God. After explaining justification, then asking again if they understood what I said, I thanked them as they hopefully thought about the Gospel.

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