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Monday, September 22, 2008

My Bulgarian Connection

On September 18, last Thursday I met two new friends, both from Bulgaria and both Christians. I met Lyubo the at the church I attend. Lyubo (Lyuboslav), made sure that I would meet his pastor, so he did. Dale and Liz Schropp who I've known for years from Countryside Church had both Lyubo and his pastor Bobby (Borislav) over for dinner. Liz's father came to the US when he was 16 years old! She said he would never say exactly how he did it without money or support. Liz invited the two over to read a bunch of notes, card, and letters given to her by friends and family she knew in her home town near Shumen I think.

The thing I took away from our time together was how much they enjoyed each other. All of them knew some of the same people and places. Lyubo and Bobby were very close as friends and I felt that they were just as close to Liz and Dale. I had a good time with new friends in Christ our Lord.

Bobby, Lyubo, me (Ron) Dale and Liz.

Lyubo is about to graduate from the Graduate School of Economics Kyoto University ( He will earn his masters degree there and might end up in Texas, we'll see. He needs a wife all you ladies out there. Bobby, stepped down from his pastoral duties to run Compass foundation ( Check out the website.
Thank you Dale, Liz, Lyubo, and Bobby for a fun night of fellowship. I enjoyed it, and it is locked in my brain for a life time.

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