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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sundance Square

Just a note to let me remember where I was last weekend. Friday night plans were changed from going out to Lower Greenville. We ended up at Sundance Sqaure. There wer many like minded witnesses for Christ out there from many different churches. It was good to be there.

The picture on the left is an odd one. Can you tell what is so odd about it?

Aaron is the guy holding one of my Spurgeon tracts. That is odd because Aaron admitted to being atheist. If you don't know what it means, the "a" equals without, "theist" means "god".

He believes in no god or God religion.

The guy standing next to him is Tim Crawford of the infamous TLC Ministries. I like to hang out with those guys from TLC.

Back to Aaron. He had a long chat with Tim while I had a long chat with Aaron's entourage of girls. Three cutie girls who also heard the proclamation of the Gospel.

Another odd thing I guess, Aaron and some of the girls attend TCU! Texas "Christian" University. Thats where they recruite by calling it TCU, they are embarrassed using the proper name of the university.

Here are some of the guys that were out there last week. There is one more taking our picture. I will be putting up another youtube video up in just a day or two. I will contrast 2 open air preachers. No, one is not me. Not yet, I need a lot of practice on lost sinners. I know most of these guys, upper part is Chad, Jeff, ?, Ted a pastor, me, Tim and Javiar if I remember. Another good memory from another good night of preaching and witnessing one2one.

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