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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not Much Effort

“The man whose little sermon is ‘repent’ sets himself against his age, and will for the time being be battered mercilessly by the age whose moral tone he challenges. There is but one end for such a man—‘off with his head!’ You had better not try to preach repentance until you have pledged your head to heaven.” –Joseph Parker
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I love this quote. This quote is more meaningful to me than it would have been 2 weeks ago. The evangelism team met police resistence at the West End in Dallas. The Harries were allowed to use amplification 4 times the size of ours and were doubled up on the amount of systems they were using. We preaching the Word of God and they chanting to the devil. We were cut off by the cops and they were allowed to parade in the street. Jon was cited by a cop who's concience I'm sure is pricking his soul. Jon did nothing wrong, nothing at all. He obeyed the cop to the letter. Once Jon asked for the cops badge number, the cop cited Jon. Jon has representation now through the Jon will be found not guilty if the judge has any justice in him at all.
My situation is a bit different. I was arrested at about the same time Jon was cited. I was arrested for public intoxication. Iwon't go into any details before my trial date. It should be known by all my ones and ones that read this blog that I was not drunk. I had not even taken a sip of anything intoxicating except for some of the harries breath I breathed in. There were many intoxicated there that night but I was not one of them. Several other things that were strange to me too; I was not told what I was being arrested for, they never gave me miranda rights, one hateful cop who made it known to me how much he hated what we were doing out there lied to me by telling me he would stick me with the charge of sexual misconduct and resisting arrest. The hateful cop took me away in the cop car only after he embarrassed me in front of the crowd of people there by tearing my shirt, knocking my glasses off onto the pavement, (yes they are scratched) and forcing me to drop my camcord on the pavement.
I think if you are reading this, you should get the picture in your head by now. Once I was at the booking and knew I would be there until the next morning, I could only think of my wife, my lovely wife who would be worried beyond discription. There was a phone in the cell room but it did not work. The team I was with that night could not find me, they finally went home.
The next morning after my release and a quick call to my wife and buds I started handing out tracts again. I spoke to a young man there who didn't know the Gospel. He knows it today.
No, I didn't make friends with him, he's not my next door neighbor, not my co worker. He is still today a stranger who knows the Gospel to the point of damnation if he does not repent and trust Christ as his Lord and savior. Or like Ray Comfort says: trust Christ like a parachute, cling to Him. Christ will have mercy on anyone who will do this.
This happened on October 11, 2008 on the night after the Texas OU game. I still get nervous thinking and writing about this. I see a cop and I get nervous. I go out to pass out tracts and I get nervous. This is not like me. I have never been this affected by one incident in my life. I know this too will fade away. CLA is going to represent me as they are Jon. One small difference though, they are treating this as a criminal case. I'm not sure what will happen but this Im sure of if the Lord tarries, it will happen again.
Pray to Christ our Lord that if He gives me the choice to be persecuted for His names sake that I will not back down. Pray that I choose His way and not mine. I don't know what I would have chosen if God had given me the choice to be arrested or go home to a comfortable bed that night. I don't know, it all happened within seconds, praise God.
There is one choice we all have though and it is comparitively easy: Proclaim the Gospel to every creature or NOT!


Jon Speed said...

I thank God for your faithfulness and the willingness of the CLA to take our cases. May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering.


Ron said...

Thank you Jon. We'll get together soon.

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