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Friday, September 11, 2009

Fire Pit Truck or Saleem, Fire Pit Truck or Saleem

Here it is Friday night and not much to write so far. On Thursday I was suppose to celebrate with my son Caleb the removal of his braces after 2 years. I had planned on going home to help him gobble down a pizza. My plans seem to always change. The caps for my rotten teeth arrived at the dentist. They called me to ask if I would go in to have them installed. With hesitation I said I would. Did I say rotten? All this to to say I arrived home with a sore dead mouth. I couldn't eat pizza with my son and I had to bow out of my Thursday truck stop night. Did I say sore, you bet. This guy to the right has teeth just like mine so you don't have to imagine the rotteness of my teeth.
Again the Lord Jesus Christ works everything for his glory and will not share His glory with anyone. Did I say it's Friday night? Yes it's Friday night and My sovereign Lord had plans for a man named Saleem.

I arrived at the truck stop tonight because of the work done on my teeth yesterday. I arrived at about 10 after 7. Once I parked I spotted a truck with an open rear door and a small bar b q with the coals on fire. Not to break with my pattern on arrival, I prayed for divine appointments with plans in my head to talk to the trucker with the fire pit on fire. After praying, I get out, put my cowboy hat on, get my tracts, check for my keys, then locked the door and I'm off to the fire pit truck.

As I start walking toward the truck a man was walking toward me. I hand the man a tract and he hesitated, (oh no I'm thinking). Have you ever heard the old saying? He who hesitates gets the gospel. I'm still thinking about the fire pit truck when I told the man, "it's a gospel tract", have you ever heard the gospel? He says "no". When he said no, I thought, I'll get to the fire pit truck later. Saleem a Muslim entered my life. I had no plans of talking to him or giving him any part of my time. Did I say that my plans seem to always change? I did, right? My Lord wanted me to talk to Saleem not the fire pit truck man. So there I was talking to Saleem about the Law. He understood the Law but did not believe anything about Christ. Unlike the mormons and JW's who are trained in Christianese to trip you up, most Muslims are not trained that way.

You need to understand that the Muslim mindset is not interested in converting the non Muslim. They want to conquer with the sword by taking your head from your body. I realize not all of them use the sword but they have no interest in converting you unless you go to them.

So when I talk about God, my Saviour, without naming the name of Jesus, the Muslim talks about a god with some of the same attributes of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But know this; Unless the Muslim Saleem talks about God as Christ who came in the flesh, then it's not the
God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, it's satan Saleem is referring.
As much as it seems the Muslim, Saleem is talking about God Himself, it is only a god of their imagination. This puts them under the law like any other sinner, transgressors of the Law. The Muslim needs the Saviour Jesus Christ to be converted from Islam to Christianity. They need to repent, turn to Christ and give up everything they know about life. Islam is their life, so they must give up anything that reeks of Islamic belief.

Still thinking about the fire pit truck I noticed my friend Jeff and a good friend of his, John getting out of their truck. Praise God, He sent help. About 10 minutes later we were in Noah's territory, RAIN. A hard windy rain came in torrents. I lost track of Jeff while Saleem and I ran to McDonald's for cover. That's the first time my cowboy hat took on rain. Not to be long winded, Saleem and I parted after some more conversation about the Trinity. I think if anything happened in the flesh it was that Saleem met a Christian who was not backing down from his beliefs and was able to back up what he said. We parted with a handshake and a smile.

Saleem was as hard stony ground hearer as they come. Now someone needs to step up and keep tilling his ground with a sharp plowshare.

Mar 4:5
"Other {seed} fell on the rocky {ground} where it did not have much soil; and immediately it sprang up because it had no depth of soil.

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