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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Niagara Niagara

I thought this was a great picture of Darrell and his wife Bernice. Bernice was in a hospital the day before this picture was taken. On the plane from Washington she ecountered a (TIA)transient ischemic attack. But here she is walking toward the Niagara Falls with her husband ready to witness for our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God.

This is a picture of our group standing on the Rainbow Bridge to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. The plack in the center is the official line between the US and Canada. From the US side first is Mark Mews, Josh (the black), Ken Schleimer, Rachael Mews, Catherine Fusco, Tom Fusco, Elaine Barsness (Racheal's Mom), Mike Stinson, Amelia Smith. The Canadian side is Tim (not the toolman) Crawford, Bernice Warren, Jon Speed, Hans Brush (my 2nd pair of eyes), and Darrell Warren. Yes, I'm taking the picture on the road stopping cars to my right.

You can see in the background the Canadian side skyline, God has blessed that country too. Also straight back is the Canadian side of the falls.
This is Ken Schleimer open air preaching on the Canadian side. We found an area across a lot of eateries where there was lot's of people and traffic. Ken is was a school teacher, and now is flipping houses. Ken is good at this stuff. Even though he made it entertaining at times, Ken went straight for the meat of the Gospel, the Law then Grace. He never waivered in his message to sinners. People from all over the world heard the Gospel and Christ was exalted.

Here is the leader of the Ministers of Reconciliation team doing some open air preaching, Jon Speed. Many people heard the Gospel on that day through Jon and Darrel doing OA and the rest of us with one to ones. This is where I saw the hand of the Holy Spirit working in the mind and heart of a 92 year old man. On ths corner I sat down next to a man sitting in a motorized chair. I sat down next to him so as not to tower over him. I told him about the Law, how we break God's Law (transgress it). I told him this is the reason God must punish us by sending us to the lake of fire, Rev 21:8
But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. I told him he has to have faith and repent. I reiterated that our sins cause us to have the wrath of God abiding on us daily and our sins condemn us to hell. I said that even after salvation in Jesus Christ we still sin. But a Christian who sins will not have a pattern of sin. In fact as time goes by a Christian should sin less and less and love the things of Christ more and more. A Christian will hate what Christ hates and seek everything Christ loves. He will love His word more and cherish it more. Christ justifies the sinner and makes him pure in the sight of God. The Holy Spirit lives in us and through Christ makes us righteous.
After about 20 minutes of talking with Louis Powell, 92 years old, 10 more minutes more than he said he had, this is what he told me: "you know, I believe what you said and I think I'll see you in heaven".
There are men who are content to talk to a few people in there life about Christ and call it good. But there is no way to express the joy of doing it God's way. To confront people on the street, where they hang out, where they get entertained, where they participate in sports, or in unGodly things (sin). You have to go out and participate in the work of God God's way, not the way it seems right. Our ways are not God's ways. He told us to go out out out. Where is out? You have to go out to find out where out is. Try the parameters of a local mall, a festival, picnic areas, down town. Out is anywhere people are. It's hard work, but it's reward is the refreshing thought that in obedience true joy is found in none other than Jesus Christ. Salvation is through Christ alone.

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