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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Keller Fest 2008

From left to right is Pastor Ted, my mom Sarah, Ted,Ted's wife Linda, and Pastor Jason from Ted pastors Garner Baptist Church. I love these pastors for being an example to their flock in witnessing for whom they preach, Christ Jesus.

My mom and Linda sat and chatted the whole time. My mom really likes Linda. This is my mothers first taste of evangelism with the intent to evangelise. I brought her along to help with any Spanish.

I was surprised to see how busy it was at the Keller is not known for anything considered big time. They chased away Wal Mart, and other big time retailers by their snobbish ways.

This was a good venue for a beginner streetfisher to practice. Not too many people showed their colors like we did. I believe Christ was glorified at all times here because everything we did was for Him and He works through His laborers to achieve His outcome.

If you click on this picture to the left you'll notice the intent look on the young man to the right. I talked to them like everyone else (I never change my Gospel presentation for anyone) giving them the Law and then walked them through Grace. I praise God for His conviction on these two young men. I pray for their Salvation in Christ alone. There are some in my church who disagree with doing this kind of presentation but it beats their not doing it!

Their is no other ministry that counts as much as evangelism. Even if all pastors and teachers left the church, evangelism would still continue. Pastors and teachers need a formal setting to do ministry while evangelists only need a street corner, a sidewalk, a concert, a festival... or a little corner bakery. For you touchy feely types, yes I know we need all ministries in the church.

Evangelists don't operate within church walls most of the time. Is that clear?

Here again, I stopped a couple of ladies to say the indentical message Christ our Lord said while alive here on earth in the flesh. The Law and Grace.

2Ti 4:5
But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.

The more you do the work of the Lord the more sober minded you become. Yes, lauging and joking are done among friends but, you realize that the message you share is eternal life if they repent, or damnation if they refuse it. It's that simple.
Say Hi guys. more people whose names I wrote down but lost my paper. Very friendly to chat with and wer very polite to me. I hope they understood the Gospel.
Always ask if they know the Gospel. If they say yes, then ask them to explain it to you. If they can't then you treat them as though they know nothing. Most of the time these kinds of people are either false converts or would be Christians. Either case, if you add any word to Christian, more than likely it's not.
Thanks Jon Speed and Tim Crawford for getting everything organized.
Thanks mom for coming, I love you.

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