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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mardi Gras Definition: All Out Blitz to Sin

If I heard their names like I thought, this is Adolfo and Shalamar. The music was really loud and my hearing is lacking. They are holding up the Spurgeon tracts I gave them. Yes they kept them and I hope they are going to read them today as a reminder of what I told them yesterday. In light of what the Holy Spirit can do in the hearts an minds of the sinner Adolfo and Shalamar are no different. I spoke to them about the Law and then Grace through Christ alone. Rom 3:19
Now we know that whatever the Law says, it speaks to those who are under the Law, so that every mouth may be closed and all the world may become accountable to God;

Did you notice what the Law does, it shuts their mouth. The Law also convicts them of their sin because their conscience bears withness. God makes this happen to everyone through the conscience (con=with science=knowledge).
So Adolfo and Shalamar have knowledge of their sin except now they know also who they sin against and that the wrath of God abides on them continually. They've sinned against a living and holy God who does not tolerate any sin at all, notha, zero. But Christ will justify the ungodly in that while they continue in their sin Christ has paid the heaviest price of all, the punishment of His Father on Him. Now if we have faith and repent we will have eternal life. No mystery, no allah, no joseph smith, no Pope, no mary baker eddie (christian science), you fill in the blank_____________________. In Christ Alone through Faith Alone by His Word Alone we have eternal salvation.
Just a note: Shalamar must have shaken my hand at least 4 times while telling me he was glad I was telling him about these things. He was adament to let me know how thankful he was to me and the message I gave them. Pray for these guys that the Lord has mercy on their souls to allow His Holy Spirit to convict and radically change them as in the days of the New Testament believers.

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Rich said...


I just met you this morning at CBC and would like to hook up with you and Jon sometime to minister on the streets. Jon mentioned that he had a schedule on his website when you guys go out. I don't see a link on your blog site to Jon's website and I don't remember the web address. Would you be willing to email it to me at Thanks, Richie

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