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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wahhoo My Own Tract

Here it is, my very own personalized tract. Thanks Way of the Master for supplying tracts for the last couple years but I am on my own now. This one has my web site on the back with one of the greatest preachers God has allowed to deliver the Gospel to the perishing. Im so glad I make this ministry personalized. Now it's easy to tell people where they can view their photos I take of them. Also to read what I wrote about them.
Yes, I know so far no one has responded but maybe the tract will change that problem. Also the tract is only a tool to get into the "personal space" of people so I can deliver the Gospel like Spurgeon did back in his time. If you want to learn more about Spurgeon go to:
He was on amazing man. The things he wrote about is still the same as if he were alive today.
But for now click on the picture to read what the Gospel is and how I use it on the streets when I present it to the perishing.

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