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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Not so sure about the Gospel?

This is Cheryl who attends at times a Baptist church in Justin. I pray that Cheryl returns to church with her husband to hear the word of God. God's word is life to thirsty dying people. We cannot on our own muster up the righteousness God requires for salvation. I don't know if you are saved from the wrath to come. Your testimony raised red warning flags to me. Someone who calls Christ Lord needs to realize that nothing on earth should keep them from hearing the word, fellowshipping, loving the things Christ loves and shunning things christ hates. Even sleep or a day off of work will fade compared to the message of salvation of Jesus Christ.
Not knowing the Gospel is a sure red flag that you may not be saved. If I asked a carpenter to build a small box and 3 hours later the box he built looks like a kid did it, I would have to say he is not a carpenter at all but a thief and a liar because now he wants me to pay him!
Cheryl, please read through the book of 1st John and see if you are a Christian. Also listen to the sermon I have posted to the side on topof this page. Is he talking about you? Thank you for your time and your attitude. I hope you comment to this post and let me know if I can answer anymore question. Thank you again.

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