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Saturday, February 23, 2008

No Jack and the Praying Buddists

I drove inside the Buddist campus tonight thinking as always I'll come away without talking to someone about Christ. NOT! This time I parked next to a kid who drove off as soon as I stopped my engine. He pulled next to the "Buddist dorm" and went inside. I got out of the truck and headed in the same direction. No one was in sight, so I assumed it was ok to walk inside the dorm. I opened the door and saw the kid laying on the couch just inside. I asked if anyone could let me inside the temple. He said the monks are inside praying and that I could go inside if I wanted. Ron: you mean while they are praying? Kid: yes Ron: right now? Kid: yes, it's ok, Ron: can you take me in? Kid: no, I don't want to go in, Ron: come on, just go in with me, Kid: nah, Ron: ooohkay. So I went inside, after taking off my shoes.
Here are the pictures I took after going into the temple. I noticed some lack of concentration on some but I understand. They have to stay in that position for at least an hour. Also, do you notice the girls cell phone on her prayer sheet? I think that is Long Pooh front center, he is the head monk.
After leaving the temple, I hunted down the kid again, laying on the couch waiting for someone in the pictures. His name is Jack. I asked him if he had heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He said NO, I said never, he said no. I said I know you've heard of Jesus before, they speak about "Him" in the temple. He smiled and said yes. I know you've heard about the ten commandments before, he said yes. But you've never heard the
Gospel of Jesus Christ, NO, he said. Once I took him through the Law, he saw he was a lying, thieving, adulterer period, not just in the heart either. I told him those are sins that separate us from God. This is why we deserve His wrath. I told him that, we are sinners and can't take the sin away from ourselves. We are Lawbreakers and we deserve hell (he knew about hell). Then I took him to the cross of our Savior. I told him that His suffering on the cross, His punishment from God for our sins satisfies the wrath of His Father in Heaven forever if we have faith and repent. The love of Christ will fill us with His Spirit and give us eternal life.
All Buddists understand the Ten Commandments. They think they can keep them until confronted by the full light of the Law and the Gospel.
No picture of Jack, he seemed afraid. He said he never uses a computer, so he never sees the internet either. Strange I thought. Pray for Jack.

Luk 18:42
And Jesus said unto him, Receive thy sight: thy faith hath saved thee.

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Jon Speed said...


This is awesome stuff; what it's all about. Praise God that Jack got to hear the Gospel for the first time! Your faithfulness blesses me, bro.


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