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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Cotton Bowl New Years Day Morning

Here is the guy with the patience of Jobadia. Who is Jobadia you ask? I think back in the book of anals in the days of yor you might be able to draw a line back to Job. Although not compared to Job but you get what I'm saying. Jon has patience. Jon Speed and Sam his girly daugther are standing in front of the Cotton Bowl. As I'm writing Mizzou is kicking the Razorback tails back to where they came.
Back to Jon. Here is the guy who gave me the tools to go out and actually do what Christ has commanded. Seek and save the lost. I think at one time he would have given me the "get out of wittnessing free" card. Thank you Jon again and again. Jon has the knowledge and passion to speak to people one on one and open air preach. Jon is a well seasoned saint of Christ. His patience I think is too patient. Instead of challenging those danky christians at our church to a blast of wax melting doctrine from a roaring furnice, he instead speaks softly using the power of God's word. Read the scripture verse, Jon uses the word of God for this reason:

Jhn 4:41
Many more believed because of His word;

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