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Sunday, March 2, 2008

All the rest

I do not have any pictures of the other lost sinners I talked to. I usually like to take pictures of those that are willing to listen. I was able to talk to some teenage girls who were very polite and were a joy to talk to. One group of kids laughed as I presented the Gospel. Maybe it was their first time to hear a Gospel presentation, even though their claim to church was that they attended a semi-emergent church called Fellowship. This is a huge "church" in Grapevine Texas, that has a lot of problems. One of the major problems that I have encountered is I have not one person I have met that attends that "church" is knowledgeable in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have asked them if they could explain the Gospel. They have not been able to do so yet. You never know though, one day I hope to meet one.
I did meet a guy from Northwood (forgot his name) who had a pleasing knowledge of the Gospel. I would have been more satisfied if he had used the Law in his explanation to me. It was good to hear him.

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