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Sunday, March 30, 2008

More of Southlake

Here is Jon Speed doing open air preaching. He is following the same prescription as our Lord and the apostles. Spurgeon highly recommended this method to young pastors starting their first church. Also, open air preaching was common in the streets during Spurgeon's and Whitfield's days. Both did their fair share of it.
Jon was not getting heckled. He had the attention of all that were standing there. While Jon spoke, I started speaking to some Mexicans in the crowd. The picture above this (next posting) will show some Mexicans who came from a Bible church. They understood what Jon was preaching and liked it. I will be leaving only the picture of those people in hopes that the young man I was speaking with will comment about his father and family and why they no longer attend a Catholic church. It fascinates me to hear about how Christ has awakened their souls to the Truth of Himself.

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