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Sunday, March 23, 2008

West End Dallas Witnessing

Praise the Lord for His mercy on us! Even while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us! The Gospel is for the perishing, not the saved. The Gospel has the power to save so that the perishing become saved. This is the only way a individual can actually become something other than what they truly are; wretched and vile, an enemy of God, hell bound, fearless toward God, wicked at heart to go with it all.
Last night, at the West End in Dallas, Jon and I had many privileged encounters. God's appointed time with sinners. My thoughts for last night focused on one thing, evangelizing the lost. I have always called friendship evangelism an unGodly way to evangelize the lost. I had not met the family to the left until last night. Although they were not perishing in a burning house or about to get hit by a semi-truck sending them to their eternal destruction, yet I did see that spiritually they were dead with no way to escape their fate. Until I placed the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their hands with a full explanation of their spiritual situation, they had no idea of the high, hot flames about to consume them.
You could say that as I spoke with them that in reality I yelled for them to, "get out!" Your house is on fire! Not only did I yell out but, I yelled out to them the only clear cut, safe and secure way out. I explained to them what they would encounter if they chose any other way. They understood clearly the way they needed to take.
So what does this have to do with friendship evangelism? This family became my friends last night. They thanked me for telling them about the Gospel. Even though Candice (upper right corner) said she knew about the Gospel, I still pressed the issue until they all knew they truly did not have a true idea exactly what the Gospel was. This, my friends, is true friendship evangelism!
Proverbs 14:12
"There is a way {which seems} right to a man, But its end is the way of death."

This is Jon in front of the famous depository where Mr. Harvey shot Kennedy. You have to trust me, it's back there. My point and shoot camera is not good enough to pick up the details. Why did I take this shot? Lee was instrumental in sending President Kennedy to his final destination. President Kennedy knows all too well now the penalty of sin, the worthlessness of a pope to absolve anyone's sins. There is no escape from the wrath of God. God's eternal punishment is the judgement of His perfect righteousness and justice.

On another note, just to Jon's right are the x's which mark the spots of President Kennedy's murder. But more importantly, a Mexican family was there last night. I handed Spanish tracts out to all of them, and some English tracts to those who spoke English. There may have been ten in the family. I spoke to the father, Pedro. I asked if he was going to attend church. He said yes. I asked where he would attend. He said they attended a Catholic church. I waited a second. I pulled out a several Gendron tracts and gave it to various family members. I then proceeded to speak with Pedro not knowing how much time God would give me to tell him about Christ. He knew what I told him was right. Pedro said his sister left the Catholic church, but he did not know why. I told him why. Once the pope dies, his body will decay. Christ rose from the dead. He is our high priest and the only priest we need for forgiveness of sins. Christ's sacrifice on the Cross will restore us to His Father. Christ paid the full penalty for our sins. No pope has ever had the power to forgive sins. Christ alone!
Pedro, if you read this, pray to Christ alone to forgive your sins. Then pray for His mercy on your soul and those of your families. Leave the Catholic church. It is powerless to save. Pedro you will perish if you stay in it. Flee!
1Corinthians 2:11
"For who among men knows the {thoughts} of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so the {thoughts} of God no one knows except the Spirit of God."
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Streetpreacher said...

Ron, thanks for letting me tag along with you Saturday.


Ron said...

Thanks for coming. I hope in some itty bitty way you learned, non heated ways to confront sinners who hate the Gospel and see the Cross as foolishness.

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