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Monday, March 31, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Miller

Pray for Scott and Rohnda.
Scott and Rohnda, I know the Lord will bless you in this mini-trial. I also know that you will be even more blessed when you know that you are attending a God-centered church, not a man-centered church.

Scott and Rohnda attend a Church of Christ church and know the heresy that is preached there. They will act on their knowedge and leave the church at the right time. Scott is a Deacon of the church and has many good friends there. Rohnda is a teacher who loves her students. She is building up courage with her husband to talk to the Elders on why they must leave the church.

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Rhonda said...

Hi Ron, Thank you so much for your prayers. We were very blessed by our conversation the other night. We are looking forward to meeting with you all again!

Lord Bless You Brother,

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