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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Book Review: Whatever Happened to the Ten Commandments

Here is a book that in Reisinger's own words is to "focus attention on the Ten Commandments and to present the duties required and the sins forbidden in each of them." That is an exact representation of the entire book. It is simple and easy to read. Anyone would be able to understand it. You do not have to be a scholar to comprehend the meaning of the Commandments and our duty to obey them, even today.
The Law reveals the Character of God and the condition of man. God is exactly like the laws He wants us to obey. From Adam until the present day, we find every way possible to distort the commands of God. We must look to His law as a standard. Like being lost around town or in a different city, we need something to fix our bearings, something to guide us on our way in order to get to our destination. Without clear of direction we would never get to our destination. The Law is up to the task. The commandments point us to God. Christ, who kept the Law perfectly is our Captain.

Evangelism without the Law is nonsense. "The sharp needle of the law makes way for the scarlet thread of the Gospel." The law is indispensable in a biblical, God-centred evangelism.
The Law forbids "not only the acts of sin, but the desire and inclination to sin."
I love the way a good writer organizes thoughts. These are excellent points to remember when witnessing to the lost. Never leave out the Law to the perishing. In this way the Gospel will always make sense.

Psalm 119:72
"The law of Your mouth is better to me Than thousands of gold and silver {pieces.}"

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